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  2. Why Can’t I Just Enjoy TV

    I have been binge watching White Collar since New Years.

    I’m about 1/2 through the third season and I have decided that I miss Alex.

    I officially ship Neal x Alex and I doubt they are endgame.

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  10. tvhangover:

    Everyone always talks about the speeches/monologues Walter White makes in Breaking Bad and how they are so impactful. [spoilers below, bitch] We have the two most obvious speeches “I am the one who knocks" and "Say My Name”, but take a moment and rewatch those. (I’ll wait). Ok, now watch Jesse’s “You’re nothing to me, but customers” monologue. 

    Aaron Paul won an Emmy for his performance in season four, but the episode that was submitted was ‘End Times’ - it was the episode where Jesse blames Walt for poisoning Brock and points the gun at him. Walt eventually convinces him it had to have been Gus and they team up again to kill Gus. Anyway, that was a great episode, but in my opinion this was Aaron Paul’s finest moment in the series (so far) and I will always imagine this was reason why he won his Emmy.

    This scene was the moment when I realized that Aaron was amazing.

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